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Mq7 - Zybug Bed Bug Spray Kills on Contact / 2-pack
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Mq7 - Zybug Bed Bug Spray Kills on Contact / 2-pack

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Zybug 2 pack

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Zybug offers an all natural, non-toxic formulation that is safe enough to use indoors around children and pets. Unlike chemical sprays that build up toxic residue and cause ill effects, Zybug can be applied around the entire home as often as needed without any cause for evacuation. For over 10 years, a team of scientists have contributed to the development of Zybug. Throughout history, cedar has been used to repel insects naturally and traces of cedar have been found in the Egyptian pyramids. We have been able to identify the very few components within a specific cedar species and we have scientifically-modified the cedar oil to intensify these components to come up with our highly concentrated proprietary formulation of Zybug. No product is 100% effective, not even organophosphates, but Zybug will work as effectively, if not better, without the harmful effects. In our own test, we applied Zybug directly onto a bed bug and it immobilized the bed bug within 40 seconds. A bed bug infestation problem is very difficult to eradicate since they can spread and multiple rapidly. We recommend concentrating on the bedroom within a five foot radius of the bed. Apply, every other day for the first week to the mattress, box spring, bed frame, headboard, and footboard, under the bed, carpet, under the rug, under and behind night stand. Also apply along baseboard, between carpet and wall, cracks and crevices, cushions, furnishings, behind and underneath furniture, heat registers and vents, remove vents and spray duct work, remove dresser drawers and spray drawer slides and under drawers. After the first week, we recommend applying once a week for at least three weeks to ensure all stages of bed bugs are dead. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you your money back. Made in the USA. ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM IN A SINGLE BOTTLE FOR $24.98.


All natural, non toxic and safe to use indoors around children and pets

A highly concentrated, scientifically modified formulation

Kills bed bugs within 40 seconds

Ready to use spray. Does not require any pre-mixing

Has pleasant cedar scent

Product Details:
Package Length: 11.8 inches
Package Width: 4.6 inches
Package Height: 4.1 inches
Package Weight: 2.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 1 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5YES, YES you can win this battleApr 20, 2012
By B. Brewer
It's not easy to admit that we actually had (have) a bedbug problem, but we did--A family of eight, five being young children in our home. We are currently fighting this battle, and I can honestly say that with this product, diatomaceous earth, and steam cleaning, we are successfully winning this battle. I initially contacted an exterminator before trying to fight them myself, but I did not like the thought of dangerous, toxic chemicals around the kids, and the exorbitant expensive for mixed results, so I gave this product a try first.

I initially discovered the bed bugs in our living room couch. I fell asleep one one night there, and the next morning I was viciously attacked (huge welts) on my neck and arms. I had never seen a bug, but I went digging anyway and to my horror, recognized telltale signs in the foundation of the couch. Also, my oldest son has a Murphy bed and sleeps in the family playroom and I found a moderate infestation in his bed and in the frame ~so two major "hot spots"

Bed bugs are not easy to battle to fight. It takes many days, many treatments and many different approaches to successfully defeat them. The first step I took was to vacuum and clean everything. I then used THIS PRODUCT and thoroughly sprayed the beds, wrapped the mattress, then sprayed the perimeter of the room with the ZYBUG spray. I then sprinkled all crevices, cracks, perimeter of horizontal surfaces with diatomaceous earth powder, doing everything thoroughly.

The ZYBUG spray: I had the chance to watch the results of this stuff in action, and bed bugs HATE this stuff. I compared, using both a commercial "bedbug spray" and the Zybug and the Zybug definitely evoked a more violent reaction. When you put a layer of ZYBUG on a surface, both the odor and texture of the spray forces bedbugs out of hiding and kills them. I watched it. This stuff has an oily nature to it which remains on the surface (no staining to report)and bedbugs do not want to return to the area. I used a lot of this product in our playroom and sprayed large areas and just left it. By the next day, I found at least 10 dead bedbugs laying on the floor beneath.

We are still in the bowels of killing all of the bugs, probably needing a few more treatments to completely eradicate them, but I did want to write a review about this product because it really did save the health and well being of our family. With much persistence and this product, it IS POSSIBLE to eradicate bed bugs organically. Persistence is the key--we are currently on our third bottle of this stuff, being thorough, and IT IS working.

I believe in this product and in this company.

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